London’s secrets that people don’t know

Tourists that are frequently to London knows all the places that they can visit and tourist attractions that they can see. However, this isn’t really the truth. There are some secrets in London that most people don’t know about. Even, if you are going to London frequently. If you are looking for these secrets, then you should make sure that you are reading this. Here you will find the best London’s secrets that people don’t know about:

St Dunstan

One of London’s biggest secrets. The St Dunstan isn’t just another place in London. This is a beautiful garden and offers a Gothic architecture that you will not find that easily again.

The one problem is that even if this is one of London’s most beautiful sites, there are only a couple of people knowing about it. Even People that are living in London might not even realize that this is a beautiful spot to be.

The Smallest Police Station in the UK

It might not just be the smallest police station in the UK but in the whole world. And, when you are just walking past the building, you won’t even realize that you just walk past a police station. It is truly a small place, where only one person can fit in.

It might not be practical for the police officers that are in this police station, but it is a great site that you can visit. You will be amazed at the real size of the station. Not in your wildest dream you would think that this is really a building where someone works in. You will find it at Trafalgar square.

St. Martin’s Window

You might have heard about the St. Martin’s window, but you might not know that there is something special about this building. Every afternoon there are three concerts that are being held there. Meaning that if you have the time, you can watch three concerts each afternoon and not paying a cent for it.

This is a great way to see the concerts that London has to offer and to be able to experience how the building is looking on the inside. This is something that you should consider, for sure.

Isabella Plantation

Tourists think that when they are visiting the Isabella plantation, this is exactly what you are going to find: a plantation. However, this is more like a garden with the most beautiful flowers and plants. And, you will also have a spectacular view of the St Paul Cathedral from this garden. This is a great place for a warm-day picnic or just for a day out of the city.

London might have more secrets than what you might think. And, only a few people are aware of these attractions. You will be surprised at how beautiful all these secrets are, and you might be wondering why this isn’t a place that is full of tourists. Remember these places and look for them when you are in London again.

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