Money Saving Tips When Visiting London

LondonA visit to London on a budget can be a tough call because the destination is among the most expensive cities in the world. However, it is possible to visit this colorful city on a budget and yet enjoy the best it can offer. We have come up with budget travel tips for airlines, transportation, hotels, attractions, dining and things to do, all aimed at making your life easy. If you can’t afford Taxis and limousine service for airport transfers and moving around, subways and public transport provide another equally good ways of traversing the city.



Getting Around

If you visit London for the first time, there are lot’s to look forward to. The key to enjoying the best of London is to plan, to enjoy a stress-free ride. All you have to do is to buy a visitor’s Oyster Card, as it will help you keep your travel budget low. The card will save you a lot of fare prices on various places including transport network such as buses, train, tubes and even boats. The card can be bought online or shipped to your address.


Travel Off-Peak

Another great way to save money while visiting London is to travel off-peak. When it comes to public transport, peak time is when most people travel to work, between 6:30 am and 9:30 am. Another peak time is during the evening from 4 pm to 7 pm, mostly on Monday to Friday. Traveling outside these peak hours means you will only be charged at an off-peak rate, which is cheaper.


Get a London Pass

london passHaving a London Pass will allow you have free or discounted access to more than 60 top attractions of London. The London Pass has been in use for more than 3 million people, mostly because it offers excellent value for money. With this pass, you can explore great places such as Westminster Abbey, London Zoo, and the Tower of London, all free of charge. The London Pass also saves you time as a traveler due to reduced queue waiting. The pass is easy to buy as you can purchase it using your smartphone.




A typical London hotel is undersized and in most cases overpriced. However, there are ways to save on accommodation. There are London’s budget hotels where you can choose from various bed and breakfast options. Apart from staying in a hotel, you can look for other options including hostels apartment rentals. When making bookings, always book online and in advance. This will make you beat off unnecessary queues and also save about 10% by doing it online.


Cheap Eat outs

While on your visit to London, you will encounter various types of foods on offer. It is easy to get affordable food by looking out for chain restaurants, traditional cafes, and buffets. If the weather allows, you can purchase a pre-made sandwich from a shop or supermarket. You can get other food options from food trucks in London. Food is, without doubt, going to be a significant expenditure and saving on it will help you achieve your budget goals.


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