What you need to Know before Traveling to England

londonWhen planning to travel to any part of the world, the first thing you will need is a basic understanding of culture, life and people in such location.  In life, we need to have some practical skills to help us survive. Just like how car owners need to have basic towing understanding, an equal cultural understanding is required for frequent travelers. You are to travel to London or any other part of England. The first thing you know is that English is the most spoken language. So you are there asking yourself what else you need to know before you set off. Well, a lot of things are awaiting you. This is a short guide that you might want to follow keenly.


How long are you permitted to stay without a visa?

This depends on your home country. If you come from an English-speaking nation in the United Kingdom, you are not required to produce the visa. As a visitor, you can even stay for about six months. You should ensure that the date of expiry of your passport should come later than the date which you intend to travel back to your country. It is always important to check the latest regulations before you start your journey. Always make sure that your passport is up-to-date.


What is the local currency? Are credit cards accepted?

euroUnlike all the other European countries, the UK has refused to abandon its local currency for the euro. The pound is so strong that it has weathered the competition posed by the euro. Even though some shops accept the euro, you will most likely get your change in pounds. If you visit an ATM, money will be in pounds where a foreign transaction fee of approximately three percent I charged. If you plan to use your credit cards in the country, do not forget to get in touch with your bank. They will make the necessary arrangements that will help to make the process smooth without leaving any gaps for fraudulent activities.


How can I get around?

Whether you are traveling as an individual or a group, you will most probably want to use the classy black cabs. However, it is worth noting that they have gradually changed. The previously dominant black color is now being replaced by other colors and getting squarer. It is advisable to obtain an Oyster Card that will make your traveling cheaper and more convenient. Otherwise, you will be required to buy a ticket for almost all the buses at the stations; hence, you need to carry change to enable you to do that.


What are some of the most observed customs?

Traffic rules! You do not want to have friction with the traffic police for failing to observe the rules. Always understand that you should drive on the left. Even during walking, people pass others on their left-hand side. During the rush hour, you can easily mess up the swift flow of foot traffic if you do not observe this particular custom. If you visit a restaurant, the waiter can only acknowledge that you have finished eating if you carefully place your fork and knife together at the center of your plate. Any other position will be assumed that you are still eating and the plates might stay there for a prolonged period, long after you are done.


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